Breathing Life into the Works of an Overlooked Master

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Photo by Kaupo Kikkas

“They are like one little world in themselves — one microcosmos which reflects all the human ways of being.”—Sabine Weyer, about the sonatas of Miaskovsky

When we find something meaningful that takes us on a journey of spirit, leading us through a labyrinth towards an unknown, inevitably this path leads us to our purpose. For musicians this is a constant journey to make the connection from inner self to purposeful expression. It is through music that we come closer to ourselves and in some cases to our humanity.

The pianist Sabine Weyer has been on a mission for which she brings a remarkably deep empathy to her subject: finding and exploring the works of the composer Miaskovsky. …


Kathy Geisler

Recent projects include creating a classical music festival in Havana (2017), and coming in 2020 the launch of the start up Mozart’s List.

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